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Statement on the Protection of Data

1. Subject and purpose of the Statement

1.1 The present statement on the protection of data (hereinafter referred to as "Statement") contains rules and information concerning the management of personal data regarding the operation of the websites available on http://www.active8.hu domain name and on its sub-domains (hereinafter referred top as "Website") and operated by Red Door Kft. (hereinafter referred to as "Operator").

1.2 User accepts the conditions of the present Statement by visiting the Website. Operator ensures that the present Statement is continuously available on the home page of the Website.

1.3 Operator hereby maintains its right to amend the current content of the Website without any restriction or previous notification and to terminate or suspend any or all of its services.

1.4 Operator hereby maintains its right to amend the present Statement at any time. In the case of an amendment the Operator ensures the amended statement to be available on the home page of the Website.


1.5 The User can connect to the Website via Facebook and Google. Please note that Facebook and Google have their own Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

2. Related laws and regulations

2.1 Operator states that the present Statement is in accordance with the provisions of the effective laws on the protection of personal data, such as:


2.2 In addition the Operator states that certain issues regarding the protection of personal data which are not mentioned in the present Statement shall be governed by the provisions of laws and regulations indicated in Section 2.1 of the present Statement.

2.3 Whenever visiting the Website the User acknowledges that he is submitted to the provisions of the laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal data, indicated in Section 2.1 by using the information available and services provided on the Website.

3. Controller and processor

3.1 Operator hereby declares that all personal data and information provided by the users of the Website are managed by itself as a controller and by the authorized processor with respect to the rules of data protection.

3.2 As the User provides personal data (in the act of registration or any other form) it is considered to be the consent of processing such data.

3.3 In the course of the data management, data voluntarily provided by the User are only accessible by the Operator and by such employees of the controller, who are obliged to process data on the basis of their scope of activities.


3.4 Each or any of the services indicated on the Website may be provided by the Operator, by its affiliated companies or by its contractual partners. In these cases certain users data may be transmitted to the affiliated companies or to the contractual partners. Operator hereby declares that its affiliated companies and contractual partners undertake the obligation of confidentiality.


4. The purpose of data management


4.1 The purpose of the data management rendered by the Operator in connection with the operation of the Website:


5. Managed data

5.1 User hereby acknowledges that by browsing the Website he also provides data. Data provision is partially automatic, but data can also be provided by filling out the application forms available on the Website (hereinafter referred to as "Registration"), by subscribing to the Newsletter or by using Services available on the Website (hereinafter referred to as "Service") for the fulfilment of the Service.

6. Registration

6.1 Operator offers its services to the user in the case of their registration. In the course of the registration the Operator may request and store the following data:


6.2 User is entitled to deny the provision of certain data in the course of registration, however in this case he can not use the services provided for the registered users of the Website. Data provision is voluntary during the registration and the legal basis of the data management is the advance consent of the concerned User.

6.3 Personal data provided in the course of the registration is managed confidentially by the Operator who ensures that incompetent persons can not have access to the personal data.

6.4 On the Operator's Websites which are only available in the case of registration, the User is obliged to provide accurate data which are true and correct.

6.5 Operator hereby maintains its right to control personal data; In the case User provides incorrect data, he is obliged to correct them within a given period of time on the basis of the Operators notification in default whereof Operator is entitled to delete the registration of the User.


6.6 The Operator does not wish to give place for unauthorized communications (such as spam), however Operator wishes to maintain the possibility to inform the registered User concerning relevant information via e-mail (hereinafter referred to as "Newsletter").

6.7 In addition Operator ensures User the possibility to Opt Out of the Newsletter.

7. Consent for data management, term of data management

7.1 By visiting the Website, User agrees to provide data with the Operator and at the same time User gives his consent to the management of his personal data for the purpose defined in Section 5 hereof.

7.2 Operator may use the User’s collected data and also data received from the User in the course of inquiring or prohibiting illegal or other activities which jeopardize the Operator's network or the operation of its Website.

7.3 Taking the rights of the User defined in Section 9 into consideration, the User’s personal data may be kept, managed and stored by the Operator to the extent and the duration necessary to achieve the purpose defined in Section 4 – not less than five years from appearing on the Website.

8. Transmission of data, combination of data management

8.1 Unless otherwise prescribed by law, Operator shall not transmit the personal data of the User to any incompetent third party, nevertheless Operator may use any other data of the User, other than personal data. Only in the case of the expressed consent of the User and in the lack of any explicit provisions of the law Operator may transmit the User's personal data to a third party.

8.2 User may render his e-mail address and his other data (i.e. username, profile details) available on the Website. Such data may be disclosed exclusively on the basis of the respective decision of the User, on the basis of which it shall be deemed as a voluntary public disclosure of personal data.

8.3 Operator will not combine personal data which were transmitted to the Operator or otherwise arose in the course of visiting the Website with those personal data which are otherwise managed by the Operator.

9. Remedy

9.1 In accordance with the act on data protection User may require information regarding the management of its personal data. In addition User is entitled to update or amend its personal data or to require their deletion.


9.2 At the request of the User, Operator informs him regarding the data managed by the Operator or by the authorized processor, regarding the purpose-, legal base- and term of data management, the name and address (seat) of the processor and its data management related activity furthermore regarding that to whom and for what kind of purpose the data were transmitted.

9.3 User may require the information mentioned in Section 9.2 on the e-mail address: contact@active8.hu

Correction and deletion of data

9.4 Operator corrects data which are not real in accordance with the provisions of the legal regulations on data protection.

9.5 Operator is obliged to delete the managed personal data - in accordance with the provisions of the legal regulations on data protection - particularly in the case of illegal data management; in the case the User requires it; in the case the data is deficient or false and it can not be corrected; in the case the purpose of the data management is terminated; in the case it is ordered by the court or by the data protection commissioner.


Rights of amendment and obstruction

9.6 Registered User is entitled to amend or correct the provided data at any time.

9.7 User is entitled to object to the processing of his data by the Operator, in the case that he becomes aware that the Operator violates the personal data management related provisions of law or otherwise breaches any provisions of the present Statement.

Judicial remedy

9.8 User who considers that the Operator has violated any of its obligations regarding the observation of law on data protection may enforce its right in court or may seek remedy from the data protection commissioner according to the provisions of the act on data protection.


In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, any dispute arising from the use of this Website or the products or services listed therein shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Hungarian Law, without regard to its conflict of law provisions. By registering or using this Website and service you consent and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the Budapest District Court for the II. and III. Districts.

Questions or complaints

9.9 Should the User have any questions or complaints regarding his personal data he may turn to the Operator on the following availability:

Red Door Kft.

1092 Budapest

Ráday utca 11-13.



10. Responsibility

10.1 Operator hereby excludes its liability for the information in connection with visiting the Website, which are stored, disclosed, sent or otherwise made available by the User.

10.2 In accordance with the concerned standards, Operator makes the necessary steps in order to protect personal data, however Operator does not warrant that in the course of visiting the Website or using the service available on the Website, personal data of the Users will be managed as it was defined herein. Third parties may be able to get access to the personal data of the User without authorization, despite the security measures.

10.3 User is exclusively liable for his own user name and password.

10.4 Information and data available on the Website shall not be deemed as an advice or recommendation, and the content of the Website shall not be rendered as a basis of any decisions or actions.

10.5 User hereby acknowledges that the use of the information downloaded or gained from the Website or via the Website is voluntary and it is rendered at the User's discretion and exclusively at his own risk.

10.6 Services indicated on the Website contain certain links which lead to websites of different service providers. Operator is not liable for these links, the data which appear on these websites and for the possible damages which may occur by visiting or using these websites.

11. Obligations and liability of the User

11.1 User hereby undertakes that in the course of visiting the Website and using the provided services he will not send such data or messages to anyone which are forbidden by any legal regulations or international convention, any generally accepted Internet rules, or requirements of morality.

11.2 In addition the User undertakes that he will not make any third party aware of the personal data, which became known by the User in the course of visiting the Website and using the services. User hereby acknowledges that he is liable for all damages to be caused by the violation of his obligations.

11.3 In the case that the Operator gains knowledge regarding that in the course of visiting the Website or using the service the User provides personal data other than his, thereby infringing the rights of any third person or otherwise violating law, or uses personal or other data accessible for the public on the Website or illegally gained, thereby infringing the rights of any third person or otherwise violating law or otherwise infringing any provisions of the present Statement, Operator acts in order to enforce claims against User.


12. Cookies and spams

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