Active8 Budapest is a useful community directory of the many wonderful and like-minded sporting, educational,  and healthy-living services & events in Budapest.  Andrew and Brian created Active8 in order to help these services work together and grow, by providing a forum for spreading the great news about how easy it is to live an active, healthy lifestyle right here in Budapest. You made living in Budapest possible. Now make it better!

Andrew Leckonby (Active8 co-founder) is Australian and has lived in Budapest since 1999. Throughout this time Andrew has worked with both children and adults in Budapest’s thriving international education and sporting scenes, regularly founding or co-founding successful institutions & services along the way, including:

Brian Faiola (Active8 co-founder) transplanted to Budapest more than a decade ago from Los Angeles where he split his time between working in film and TV and running kids programs for the Hollywood YMCA.

Currently he runs his film and video production company: Jam Film from their Budapest offices. Brian is an established member of the local expat community and has worked as a kindergarten teacher at Happy Kids, A-Z International Centre for Children, and now at Apple Tree Kindergarten.

Brian’s marketing and production expertise are valuable assets to the Active8 community. Brian stays active; cycling about the city and chasing after his kids.