Bring your kids in their costumes
out to Ráday Street this Halloween
for some Trick or Treating fun.

The event will be held from 4-7 pM on Saturday, October 27th.

Please come to Rombusz Terasz (Ráday 10-12.) at 4 PM to check in.

Registration is required.

Register on Eventbrite
by clicking here.

Live music performed by DJ Panda (electronics)
& Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té (electro acoustic violin)
These fine establishments
between Kalvin Square and Kinizsi Street
will be welcoming young Trick or Treaters:



Café de Leon


Két Egér Bookstore

Donut Therapy

Cafe Intenzo


Inca Grill

Cevap Grill 

Juhász Cuki

Vörös Postakocsi

IF Jazz Café

Pink Cadillac

Manga Cowboy

Paprika Jancsi

My Choccy


Kis Esti

Claro Bisztro

Nandori Cukraszda

and more…

Trick or Treat!