The DEADLINE has passed but you can JOIN Active8 Online anytime.   Contact us for details!

Here are just a few of the many advantages of joining Active8:


Active8’s large printed distribution of 20,000 copies are delivered twice a year (10,000 in October and 10,000 in April) directly to the hands of all members of all Active8 services, including many international & bilingual kindergartens, schools, & universities; sport & fitness clubs; medical centres; language schools; embassies; relocation firms; and more…Plus, the online reach including Facebook and other online promotions will take your service information to an even wider audience.


Active8 is specifically targeted to the very customers you are trying to reach. People living active lifestyles will automatically receive the Active8 directory from one of the other Active8 services that they are already a member of. So now those that you couldn’t find yet, will find you instead.


Active8 is about services like yours that are important for local expats to know about. Your service information will not be lost amongst a multitude of unrelated commercial products & services or distracting articles, recipes, gossip columns, etc.

FOUR-FOR-ONE exposure:

Online. Print. Facebook. Events. All for one inclusive price. YOU control your online representation and we can update your information ANYTIME you want to.


Physically preparing and delivering program information to the English-speaking & international community is a time consuming and demanding task. Telephone calls, emails, advert design, printing and finally delivering the poster yourself takes valuable time and energy away from your own customer services, and is not what you started your program for. Even then, your poster usually ends up on a cluttered board full of other signs and notices: not straight to the hands of future customers. Active8 will do all that work for you, and more effectively too.


Active8 Partners have the option to choose from one of our professionally-designed advert templates to save themselves the time, effort, and money that comes with designing your own advert. Just send us the photographs and text that you want, and your job is done. Free of charge.


With a range of options from ‘Online Only’  FREE to Bronze, Silver & Gold Membership, you can choose the level of exposure that suits your service. And with prices from as low as 80 000HUF + AFA per issue/ 6 months, you know that with just ONE new customer you are already a winner.


As each Active8 service grows, so does the entire Active8 community. Active8 Partners will quickly learn that by helping each other grow, we help ourselves grow.

Together, we are stronger.

So let’s get Active8-ed.