The Center of Scientific Wonders is not simply an exhibition, but a 1700 square-meter physics play-house, where over 1700 square-meter physics play-house children learn about the phenomena of physics in a fun way.

All exhibited games are interactive installations, so you are not only allowed but strongly encouraged to touch, feel and try them.

We don’t have guided tours, because this is not a museum. Everyone can take their time and try the games in any order. Our demonstrators are there to assist you if you require any help.

Each game have a general explanation in Hungarian and English that explains how to use the installation and describes which law or phenomenon of physics can we experience.

We recommend you to spend two to three hours at the Center of Scientific Wonders to be able to try all exhibited games and installations. which is held 4 times daily, is included in the ticket prices.

Csopa Playbar offers an excellent program and entertainment for adults, youth and older children. Everyone can pick a program from a diverse range of attractions depending on their interests at the Buda Entertainment & Gastro center.


The Birth exhibition is a suppletory interactive exhibition that covers the topic of conception, pregnancy, birth and the related male and female gender topics. The attraction includes several interactive presentations. For example, visitors can experience the embryonic period in a womb simulator with its presumed sound, but they can also participate in the pairing of the male and female chromosomes. Male and female visitors alike can become expectant mothers for a few minutes and try how it feels to bear the sweet burden that mother-to-bes carry in their 9th month, more over you can even try to change a baby’s diaper!


…We are in the 17th century England, where we can see the 24 years old Newton under the apple tree. He retreated to his family’s land during the time of the great plague and in his two years of isolation he prepared almost all of his significant scientific discoveries: he dealt with differential calculus, the theory of colours, gravitation, astronomy and mechanics too. So in these two years, not only the apple tree, but Newton was productive as well. We provide an extensive presentation of his work in a playful way.


The Illusion exhibition introduces visitors to the world of optical illusions. Pose for Picasso or levitate with a buddhist monk. Do you dare to stand on the mirror giving the sense of infinity to face yourself for even a hundred times? Get lost in the labyrinth of unusual lights and let your eyes get dazzled.


In our auditorium you can get warm and cold! In our exciting 30 minutes long scientific show we alternate between freezing the air and giving you hot moments! Cold moments and Hot moments scientific shows are waiting for you!


Our escape rooms are related to different scientific fields and are accompanied with an exciting story and solution. ENGINEER’S ROOM, EMERGENCY, GLOBE-TROTTER and THE RENEWING CITY are waiting for you to riddle their secrets!

Our 9D CINEMA and CIRCLE CINEMA are also waiting for you!


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