The Esernyős has opened on the picturesque Main Square (Fő tér) in the heart of Óbuda in 2014. It quickly became very popular with it’s various cultural, artistic programs and services. It’s a favourite meeting place that includes a café, gallery and touristic information point as well.

The multifunctional space has been in expanded by “Szindbád” Coworking Office&Event Hall and this summer the new musical program called “Warm-up Concerts” starts in the courtyard.

The aim of the artistic projects of Esernyős Gallery is to add visibility to contemporary art and become a prestigious modern art gallery that introduces new forms and idea’s to the receptive public.

Esernyős became very popular because of it’s and unique multifunctional purposes. Besides being a cultural center of the area, Esernyős has a leading role in organizing of the successful event Bike&Breakfast and runs the Coworking Office&Event Hall and the smallest café of Budapest, the Gaslight Kiosk.

Gaslight Kiosk

There is a very interesting-looking little building in the middle of the Main Square. It’s a hundred year old industrial monument that has been renovated in 2015 and became the smallest café of Budapest. Serving specialty-coffee only at 4 square meters in a unique looking monument attracts visitors from all over the city. Even professional designers noticed the unique looking café and Gaslight Kiosk became the”best pop-up terrace” of Budapest in 2016.

Bike & Breakfast

Bike&Breakfast is a regular event that promotes healthy lifestyle. It has been initiated by the Municipality of Óbuda-Békásmegyer in 2016 and became very popular in a short period of time. The event is every last Friday of the month and is coordinated by Esernyős. Bikers get a healthy breakfast at the Bike&Breakfast Points, since 2017 there are six of them. It became so succesful that from May registration in advance is needed.

Szindbád Coworking Office&Event Hall

The very first coworking office of Óbuda is also run by Esernyős. It’s an ideal environment for local businesses without own office for business meetings and a quite working place with professional equipment and innovative solutions. Three stops with suburban railway from the heart of the city it’s also very easy to access. In the year of the opening, 2016 it was nominated for The Office Of The Year.


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