The North American Women’s Association (NAWA) of Budapest is dedicated to fostering a sense of community to North Americans and to other members of the Expat community from all over the world who would like to communicate in English. NAWA offers a forum for all members to participate with the local community through events and charitable activities and the opportunity to interact, embrace and learn from the many cultures represented by its membership.
By providing opportunities to connect with others, the association aims to encourage friendship and help members make the most of their stay in Hungary.

Budapest offers innumerable opportunities to engage body and mind. NAWA is here to enrich those experiences.

There are a raft of reasons to become part of this dynamic club, but the first and foremost one is friendship. NAWA provides a warm and welcoming vehicle for meeting women with similar backgrounds and interests through a variety of social activities.

NAWA holds eight themed general meetings over the course of the year, where refreshments are available free of charge. The December meeting consists of a special cocktail party and in May the End-of- Year Luncheon takes place, which is covered by your membership dues.

Charity is a huge part of NAWA membership and our hands-on activities are what distinguish us from most other clubs. Join the Budapest Bingo Babes for a fun-filled and meaningful morning of bingo twice monthly at seniors homes in Pest or help out at our annual Adopt-A-Granny outings. And don’t forget Mikulas, when we deliver seasonal treats and small gifts to the seniors and orphans we support throughout the year, or the special End-of Year Event which is open to all.


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